Thank you for sharing your process. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for being the best little brother. I'm so proud of you. 🫶🏾

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I'll buy your book because you are not writing for the conservative Evangelical complex

The fruit you bear is good. I look forward to eating at your table.

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1) Having a better half who believes in you and supports you is EVERYTHING.

2) You've poured into a lot of folks over the years who will be thrilled to pour back into you.

3.) Super proud of you and so grateful that you're my friend.

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"I am a Christian who does not write for the robust, conservative Evangelical complex.

I am Black."

That's a whole lotta people.

You are going to have extraordinary experiences and make deep and satisfying connections in your work. Writing is a way to find your people -- the ones who also have things they want to talk about, who want to hear the things you talk about. It's going to be exhilarating at times and then at times there will be periods of inactivity where you wonder whether you made a Big Mistake in doing such a thing that you've never done before.

You're going to do great, my friend. Your *voice* is wanted.

Can't wait to see the best-sellers list next year!

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